03 October 2008

Sutherland Institute Still Whores? Check!

And the latest bleating from what likes to call itself a conservative public-policy think tank but is better called a neoconjob putrid-policy stink tank is policy anal-cyst Matthew C. Piccolo playing his skin piccolo (Doesn't amount to a flute.) for his corporate masters, decrying the evils of universal health care. You see, good health just isn't a right. He makes a lot of noise about the "God-given" rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," which only means that he, like his deity Ronnie Rayguns doesn't know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (I swear these Norsefires would repeal the necrophilia laws if it meant they could fellate Rayguns's rotting corpse.). Not a lot of logic in any of it, though (I am shocked, shocked!). I guess you have a right to life, but the kind of shape you're in just doesn't matter.

That's no big surprise, because the Sutherland Institute doesn't consider life to be much of a right (Just look at how little they care about how arbitrary and capricious capitol punishment procedure is. Or pretty much anything having to do with staying alive if you weren't born rich.). They don't consider liberty to be much of a right either, judging by their views on privacy and search and seizure. No, the only thing they're interested in is property, and then only the kind of property you have to be rich to have.

But let's start with property and run with it. You'd think there would be little debate that your body is your property, so you have a right to it. Apparently not, as far as the Sutherland Insta-poop is concerned. If your employer exposes you to hazardous working conditions and injures you, that should be just tough. That's a risk you have to take because we don't want to interfere with your employer's property. If your friendly neighborhood factory poisons your water and gives you cancer, that's just another risk you have to take because we don't want to interfere with the factory owner's property.

As far as the Sutherland Insta-poop is concerned, there is no right to life (unless you haven't been born yet), there is no right to liberty, and the only property that creates a right is that of the rich and powerful.

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