03 October 2008

Yes, I'm Still Here

There's just so much bad craziness, I don't know where to start.

How about the Inspector General's report that blames Kyle Sampson for the improper firing of all those insufficiently fascist US District Attorneys? You know those orders came from above him, but I have to laugh that this is being pinned on such an archetypal BYU Law grad. They train them to follow orders down there in Provo, and that's what he did. He would have made a great concentration camp commander.

Meanwhile, the Park City schools have adopted International Baccalaureate programs in an attempt to make US high school diplomas something more than the laughing stocks they currently are internationally. You may recall the Utah Legislature's dual dipshits Margaret Dayton and Howard Stephenson shooting down funding for this back in May because they thought it was run by the UN. Those two have decided to let it proceed now, although they intend to keep an eye on this subversion. The private sector, though, has picked up the torch of dipshittiness and is running full steam. Cherilyn Bacon(brain) Eagar, director of World Class Education Research which she runs out of Holladay (Yeah, that sounds like a real "world class" operation.), says that the program is run by UNESCO and so preaches socialist dogma and that it doesn't surprise her that Park City adopted the program because it's the "Hollywood of the Rocky Mountains."

Folks, if you want to know why the US is spinning in at Mach 6, it isn't because of immigrants or declining morals or secular humanism or any other Norsefire bugaboo. It's because our education system is controlled by people like Baconbrain: Right Catholics, Fundies, Orthomorms, people who don't have the mental capacity of a squashed banana slug.

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