13 April 2008

Texas Busts Perverts Utah Wouldn't Touch

For such a lightly populated state (There are fewer people in Utah than in the Seattle-Tacoma area, for example.), there is a mind-numbing amount of stupidity packed in here. Just watch any governing body in action. Or the broadcasts of the semi-annual drivel fest known as LDS General Conference, one of which we had clog the arteries of normal life just last weekend. But certainly the most malevolent example of Utah stupidity has been the wink-wink nod-nod it's given the mobs of child molesters hiding in plain sight in polygamist compounds for over a century. Utah has ostensibly given them a pass on religious freedom grounds, although anyone with more wit than a sack of shit knows that religious freedom does not allow you to nail your pubescent niece (I suspect there were two other reasons for turning a blind eye: 1) too many members of Families That Matter secretly involved, and 2) opening that can of worms would also have opened up the orthodox LDS Church's child molestation problem, which isn't limited to little girls.). In spite of this local epidemic of thickness, Utah finally managed to prosecute and convict the leader of the largest group of pervs, the FLDS Church, but it took everything Utah fucktard law enforcement had to do it.

Because of the Utah "persecution," the FLDS moved their headquarters to west Texas. What they didn't figure, though, was that the Texans had no motivation to look the other way (covering up the "sexual indiscretions" of evangelical Christians and right-wing politicians is another matter), so the Rangers kicked the door in and hauled the kids out. There has been much hand-wringing by the usual gang of idiots here in Utah over "persecution" and "oppression," but sane people (i.e. people from anywhere else) generally echo church-state scholar and attorney Marci Hamilton's statement, "Nobody's had the guts to do what Texas authorities did...finally a group of authorities realized they couldn't let it go on any more."

So what do we take away as lessons? First, the obvious point that, in spite of constant noise about caring for children, Utah cares far less about children than it does about the maintenance of the appearance of propriety and of religious authority. Second, and ultimately more importantly, is that we once again see what religion is really about: abusing the weak. Every religion in this country that claims any significant amount of authority (polygamists, LDS, evangelicals, Roman Catholic) have been exposed as having used that authority to commit heinous crimes and then cover them up for years. What do these criminal organizations offer society in return? A road to Heaven through their sewage? If you cling to such idiocy for comfort, I would submit that you too have been abused by these paragons of piety and are so brainwashed that your opinion needs hermetically sealed, not allowed to shape public policy.


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