29 January 2008

Where is Spengler from?

I read the Asia Times. I read a lot of foreign news sources, mainly because there aren't any domestic ones any more, but I try to hit the AT every day. The commentators tend to be too gold-buggy (If things get as bad as the average gold bug predicts, gold will be nearly as worthless as paper currency; the only things people will want are land to raise food and weapons to protect the land and the food.), and too free-markety (Until it becomes as easy to move labor as it is to move capital, the world's flat only if you're rich.), but they're generally tolerable. Except for Spengler. To answer the title question, he must be from Dumbfuckistan. With one side of his mouth he decries US budget and trade deficits and current military fiascoes while with the other side he deifies Ronny Ray-guns, whose eight-year reign of terror was the largest collection of deficits and military fiascoes prior to the current eight-year reign of terror, and who thoroughly set the table for Chimpy and his merry band of neoconjobbers.

Which is it Spengler, you ass clown? With logic like that, you ought to be working for Fux Spews.


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