22 September 2007

The Rot in Zion

If we need further evidence that there is something profoundly wrong with Utah, let us compare two prosecutions. Orem continues to persecute Betty Perry with the full of the law for failing to maintain a sufficiently green lawn here in our drought-ridden desert. On the other hand, how many years has it taken for anyone to get around to prosecuting Warren Jeffs (or any of the other holy perverts around here, for that matter)? The sick thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if he were acquitted, merely because he's a religious leader practicing his beliefs. That's why he hasn't been prosecuted, after all. Utah and the LDS Church like to hold themselves out as cities on the hill for all us sinners follow, but they still haven't figured out that it's just plain wrong to encourage someone to nail his 14-year-old cousin.


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