07 March 2007

Keep Supporting Those Troops, Chimpy

Interesting news from the Senate Judiciary Committee's investigation into the firing of the Gonzales Seven, the U.S. District Attorneys who were summarily sacked for failing to abuse their offices and enforce the Norsefire party line with sufficient zeal. David Iglesias was the DA who was canned for refusing to base his prosecutorial decisions on political pressure and bias. The excuse the neoconjobbers have for his sacking is that he was gone too much. Why was he gone so much? He's in the Naval Reserve, which they knew when they appointed him. So while Chimpy and his minions pound the pulpit about supporting our troops, including holding jobs for Guard and Reserve members who are called away to serve, they have no problem using Reserve duty as an excuse for sacking one of their own employees. Way to go, you chickenhawk chickenshits.


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