06 October 2006

How 'bout them GOP family values?

This Foley sex scandal just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Hastert does his Sgt. Schultz imitation, "I know nuthink. NUTHINK!" Reynolds says, "Hey I reported to Hastert, I did my part." It was a crime, shithead, why didn't you report it to the cops? Speaking of cops, every one of these hyper-righteous hypocrites should be up on obstruction charges. BTN and Radio Norsefire are spinning like mad. Lameball says the kid was enjoying the attention. Sorry, Lush, that line didn't work for Mary Kay LeTourneau, and it shouldn't work here. The VB columnists are hard at it, too. Today, Jonah Goldberg once again trotted his whoredom out for all to see by accusing liberals of hyprocrisy for the following: not condemning Bill Clinton for raping Monica Lewinski (yeah, right) and not forcing Gerry Studds to resign for doing the same as Foley. Jonah, if you were any more full of shit, it would be oozing out your pores. Wait a minute, what's that smell?

Here's reality: First, there was NO
evidence of nonconsensual sex between Clinton and Lewinski. If there had been, you can bet the witch-hunters would have thrown that log on the fire. Second, Lewinski was OF AGE, so it was LEGAL to have sex with her, Jonah. Third, the pages Studds approached and had sex with were OF AGE, so it was LEGAL to have sex with them, too. Foley was engaged in criminal activity. Clinton and Studds weren't. Think you can see the difference there, Jonah?


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