17 August 2006

And speaking of terrorists...

... there's always Chris Butthead, er, Buttars, the state senator from Waste Jordan who wasted a whole lot of legislative time last session trying to get creationism into the science curriculum and is now trying to give the legislature the power to revoke its confirmation of any judge who makes a ruling the legislature disagrees with. Of course the legislature already has the power to amend any law it thinks has been misinterpreted by the judiciary. Problem is that Butthead is having trouble getting any of his legislation passed and is afraid he wouldn't be able to pull off any reversals by legislation. What's the matter, Chris, not feeling the love? Lyle Hillyard and the Guv have certainly distanced themselves from your latest, steaming pile of poo. That's what you get for being Gayle Ruzicka's lapdog. Makes you wonder what the folks out in Waste Jordan are thinking when they keep re-electing this monument to muck.


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