14 August 2006

Intro, of sorts

OK, initial rant over. If you've read it, you're probably sayin, "Hey, you're not a moderate!" Incorrect. I prefer to think on a global scale, though. The rest of the world views the Democratic Party as a centrist party, with positions running from a bit left of center to a bit right of center. The GOP is viewed as running from a bit right of center to fringe right. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, there is no left in the USA.

You will also notice that I use certain code words. Here are a few:

BTN: right-wing TV such as Fux Spews.
Radio Norsefire: right-wing radio, such as Michael Savage Wiener and Lush Lameball.
VB: right-wing publishers and publications such as Washington Slimes and American Expectorator.

BTN and Radio Norsefire are lifts from V for Vendetta, which I highly recommend. "VB" stands for Voelkische Beobachter, the Nazi Party organ.


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