06 March 2018

Trax Report

Speaking of shitheads, UTA yellowjackets are all over the Red Line.  In a just world, we could gun them down, but this world is a long way from just, so just have to avoid them.

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Speaking of Shootings...

...we just had one in Parkland, FL, Rethuglican Territory.  And what was the reaction?  Just as I predicted:  The teachers should have been armed!  The students should have been armed!  And other bullshit by the feedlot-full.  The Rethuglicans (and the dimmest of the Dems) are just rabid dogs, and there's only one solution for a rabid dog.

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14 June 2017

DC Shooting

Straight off I want to say it wasn't me.  First, I haven't been out of the Theocratic Republic of Utardistan for...oh gods, SO long.  Second, walk up spray & pray is not my style.  My methods are rather more surgical.

Turns out this guy was a Sanders supporter, like me.  At least ostensibly.  He was so may standard deviations from the norm that it makes me wonder if he wasn't actually a Trump sleeper agent.  Anyway, Bernie is apologizing profusely and saying he's praying for the victims; he has to, he's the face of the campaign.  I have no such constraints.  I'm not praying for these assholes.  First, I don't believe in prayer.  Second, these are the people who have been working morning, noon, and night to make it easier for nutjobs to pack heat.  If this had been yet another school or church shooting, these people (along with that pile of pig poop Steve King and the Freedumb Caucus fuckwits) would have been lining up to spout their usual, "If the victims had been armed, they would have stopped him.  We need MORE guns!"  (BTW, how were all these proud Rethuglicans caught unarmed?)  So I have NO sympathy for "the honored dead."


12 November 2016

What Then Must We Do?

Call me "T", as my message predates V.  As for "U", well you're U, aren't you?  So, you're wondering what to do now that Der Drumpfenfuehrer and his white trash, Christ-licker stormtroopers are running wild for the greater glory of the 0.01%.  Gather round, kiddies, and let Ol' T impart some wisdom.  What do I know?  Trust me, this isn't my first rodeo.

First, purge your brains of two bits of bullshit that have been standard operating procedure for our pathetic Left for far too long.  1) We aren't going to win, or even survive, by joining hands around the campfire and singing "Kumbayah."  Hell, that didn't even stop the DLC/DNC and the Clintstones, and they're all limp dicks.  It sure isn't going to stop any genuine fascists such as we're dealing with now.  There will be blood, and you'd better prepare for it.  2) Dump all the left wing street theater.  I mean flush it down a commercial toilet and use the TARDIS to send it into a different timeline.  Petitions accomplish NOTHING beyond putting the signers on a right wing hit list.  Demonstrations accomplish NOTHING beyond getting you into a face recognition database.  Occupations accomplish NOTHING but providing new, soft targets for our thoroughly militarized, thug police.  These tactics by themselves have never accomplished a fucking thing.  Leave them to the morons who can't be taught.

Second, organize right.  This is guerrilla warfare; you need to play small ball here.  Form a local cell, a group of like-minded friends who can assemble quickly and below the radar.  Give it a bad ass name.  The days of fluffy-bunny shite like "Peace and Love Fellowship" are over.  You need something like "Eastern Washington Antifascist Brigade".  Or "Franklin County Fist-Fuck the Fascists Faction".

Third, use your organization.  Just because you're playing small doesn't mean you have to be isolated or that you can't support larger movements.  BUT: 1) Don't hook up with another group without rock solid references (i.e. "Don't bring me nobody nobody knows.").  It's tough enough to control your friends (Think Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter.); strangers are impossible, and they're probably either Ueberklass-funded astroturf shills or thug cop plants trying to infiltrate you.  2) Have your ORGANIZATION support a movement, not individuals.  Any legit outfit (such as Planned Parenthood) loves being endorsed by individuals, but it loves endorsements by organizations even more (OK, have a softer, alternative name to your bad ass name for such endorsements.).  This also gives the members cover.  That's what organizations are really for.

Fourth, work as an organization.  Do projects together.  Arm yourselves together (I told you there would be blood.  And get armed as quickly as possible.  The Second Amendment only applies to Trump supporters.  The last gun control in this country that stuck was 50 years ago when Gov. Ronnie Ray-gunz [Yes, you read that right.] and the NRA [Yes, you read that right too.] joined forces to block the Black Panthers in Oakland from arming themselves.).  Train with those weapons together.  Take self-defense courses together.  Go on picnics together (With weapons.  Open carry, they'll think you're "good guy" Trump supporters and leave you alone.).  Get used to operating as a team.  Individuals get squashed.

Fifth, learn history.  Learn about guerrilla operations, successful and unsuccessful, and dissect them.  Do the same with political movements.  Don't try and reinvent the wheel.  People have already done this.  Use your local library while it's still there.

Sixth, get some mad skillz.  Unlike sociopaths like Yours Truly, you probably haven't spent your lives learning sniper skills, knife-fighting, improvised weaponry, bare-handed killing, explosives, gunsmithing, lockpicking, and farming.  Time to learn, kiddies.  There's a world of information on Teh Interwebz, you just have to remember that most of it is a barrel of bollocks.  For example, as popular and as much fun as The Anarchist's Cookbook is, the explosives section will get you killed.

Seventh, and finally, apply.  Turn the key and put the rubber on the road.  Don't be the Judean People's Front in Life of Brian, constantly resolving and never doing.  There are people out there who need protection.  There are people out there who've already been attacked and need support and information on getting a lawyer who can go after those fuckers ( With any luck it's some fat, redneck sheriff they can go in dry on until his entire descending colon prolapses.).  We need to raise the barricades, and unless we want this to be Les Mis redux, we need to be ready.  The last line of defense is U.

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Do Not Criticize Der Drumpfenfuehrer

Well, it begins, people.  Some football players at University of Louisiana Lafayette posted a video online criticizing Der Drumpfenfuehrer because he's a threat to the rights of, oh, everyone, except of course white, straight, Christian males.  The usual gang of affronted rednecks complained.  The coach initially backed his players until the chickenshit asshats in the administration took him to the woodshed and forced him to walk it back, leaving his players to twist in the wind.  We're once again in a position where it's a thought crime to criticize the Prez, just like it was with Chimpy, and 180 degrees from what it's been for the last eight years.  We should criticize this fucker anyway, and we need to support anyone else who does and gets heat for it.

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03 October 2016

Shite Site is Shitty

To placate certain family members, I keep more or less abreast of University of Iowa athletics.  At least I have, but it's become such a stupid, boring waste of time as the new administration leads the school into a hog wallow of mediocrity that I don't think being able to communicate with my relatives on these issues is worth it.  One of the places I would go to keep up with all this was a forum called The Hawkeye Lounge.  The place was always barely worth it, as it was overrun with the sort of mouth-breathing shit kickers who, if they lived in western Iowa, would be voting for Steve King.  Now even the "barely" is gone.

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10 August 2016

Fixed It

Saw a book of MAMF essays by Orson Scott Card titled A Storyteller Shit-Shoveling Homophobe in Zion.


03 May 2016

Indiana Primary

Texas Teddy Cruz is out, so that part of the farce is over.  And Clintstone will ultimately take the D nomination regardless how few people actually vote for her because the DNC is the DLC and it will never allow a real Democrat to run for president.  Anyone else notice that Clintstone's power base in Indiana is the Copperhead Counties in the Ohio Valley, the area that was constructively Confederate in the Civil War?  This really ought to tell you what you need to know about her.

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29 February 2016

Larry Miller: The Bilge that Keeps on Bilging

Paul Rolly pointed out the usual level of Utah hypocrisy today.  Utah is all for free enterprise.  Until, of course, it interferes with someone who pays big tithing.  Utah has an absurd car dealership law thanks essentially to the lobbying of Larry H. Christ, er, Jesus H. Miller, er, Larry H. Miller (and yes, it goes well beyond the Sunday closure law).  It exists specifically to restrict car dealerships to a few, good tithe-payers.  And to complete this hypocritical prostitution, Salt Lake Community College has a Miller Campus with a Miller Free Enterprise Center.  Jesus H. Miller.

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28 August 2015

They Heppin'

There are a couple of nasty, "Why aren't you doing well like everyone else?" ad campaigns going on right now.  First is Parents Empowered, dreamed up by the Ortho-Morms who run the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Controls.  They claim they're just trying to stop teenage drinking, but in reality it's a slam campaign aimed straight at Gentiles and Jack Mormons.  An honest rendering of their ad campaign is, "If your child so much as LOOKS at booze, he'll turn into a Reaver!"  (If you don't know what that means, do yourself a favor and plug into Firefly.

The other is the Feed the Pig campaign, reminding people, especially young people, that they need to save for a rainy day and retirement.  It's condescending as all Hell, and it gives no consideration to the lack of both affordable housing and living-wage jobs.  It's another "You are insufficiently righteous, otherwise you wouldn't have this problem" load of shit.  The revolution needs to start soon, and it needs to start by fire-bombing the Republican Legislative Caucus.

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26 November 2014


Gotta get down to it.  Cops are cutting us down.

And not a damned thing is being done about it.  I listened to that shitbag prosecutor announce the grand jury result last night, and all I could hear was another pile of privilege and power sprinkling sugar on a turd and telling us it was a brownie.  He let that murdering thug cop, ostensibly the defendant in the case, give a narrative account of his version of the incident, including how the victim was supposedly pummeling him, and offered no contrary evidence, such as the hospital pictures showing that Officer Thug had no injuries and hadn't been hit with anything more substantial than a feather.  Yet another stacked deck protecting the 1%'s enforcers.

Now the protests have started.  The cops went straight for the tear gas, but the protesters were ready and ran the cops out of town.  Now one of two things will happen.  Either the forces of injustice will sit back and wait for the protesters to burn themselves out, or they'll send in the troops.  If the former, the protesters have to be ready to escalate this and move it to richer targets, i.e. banks, office towers, gated communities.  Take the war to them.  If the latter, they'd better be ready to gun up because the National Guard will come in with armor and heavy fire with authorization to turn Ferguson into a free-fire zone.  The protesters need to be ready to give them Mogadishu.  Either way, either we go to war or this blows away, and nothing is gained.

BTW, all you Norsefire rednecks with your heads in your Fox, if you think cops are just doing this to "uppity niggers", think again.  If you don't get on your knees and get get your nose up the 1%'s ass when ordered, they'll leave you in a ditch no matter your color.

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10 November 2014

Third Way, Turd Way

I have come to the conclusion that Janan Ganesh, column-inch-ist for the Financial Times, is a whore and a walking sewer.  In his latest raging pantsload (No, I'm not going to provide a link.), he once again takes aim at Labour leader Ed Miliband (What a shock.).  There are many things to legitimately chew on Miliband about.  He's the embodiment of what's wrong with Labour.  That he's the party chief shows how dire Labour's straits are.  The man is not and never will be ready for prime time.  But Jawbone Garnish goes after Miliband because he's (Wait for it.) leftwing.  Quelle horreur!  Garnish thinks all of us on the left should be praying for the second coming of Tony "TB for Tuberculosis" Blair and his Third Way.  That glorious Third Way is nothing but Toryism without established religion and skinheads (Which given your ethnicity, Jawbone, you ought to pay more attention to.  Yet you remain a Tory.  The Tory's did explain that you have this cushy post so they can use you for a token in the same way "Uncle Thomas" Sowell is used here in the US by the Rethuglicans, didn't they?  No?  Tool.).  The UK doesn't need a return of TB.  It doesn't need Cameron.  And it sure as Hell doesn't need Clegg.  If these are your only alternatives to Miliband's leftwingedness (And I note, Garnish, that you only snipe, never solve.  Typical right winger.), then you need to leave your little sinecure and become one of those entrepreneur's whose altar you worship at and whom you believe will save everything, say by running a curry cart in the East End, although I'm sure that would tax your capitalism skills far beyond their limit and send you running back to Tory arms begging for any PR position they'll give you.

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04 November 2014

This is the Day

This is the day historians will look back on and say, "The United States ended here."  This is the day the Rethuglicans took control of both houses of Congress, and so, with the Fascist Five in control of the SCOTUS and Barack Handjob Obama in the White House, the 1% gained formal control of the government.  This is the day when trying to survive as an ordinary person in this country became of necessity a criminal activity and the only way for democracy to return required blood in the streets.  This is the day when the rest of the world decided we were too stupid and too dangerous to put up with and started taking steps to neutralize with extreme prejudice, such as removing the lynch pin of the survival of our economy, the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, and using every tool available to infiltrate and destroy our nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons stockpiles so we could no longer retaliate.  This is the day our stupidity grew too great for our resources to overcome.  This is the day the United States starts spinning in.

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02 November 2014

Meet the Mormons

The new piece of Mormon propaganda, Meet the Mormons, is hitting the theaters.  It's such a special piece of fluff that The Brethren are apparently twisting members arms to attend and boost the ticket sales.  So typical.  Who cares if the only people who see this flak-fest are already members.  Look at the numbers!

The closest I'm going to get to this thing is the billboards, and when I saw the title, just one thing popped into my head (The following is copyrighted, and the use of the "Flintstones Theme" constitutes fair use.):

Meet the Mormons!
They're the modern Stone Age faithful freaks.
From the State of Utah, they're a pack of white, suburban geeks.
Someday, they will show up at your door,
Asking if you'll let them tell you more.
When you're with the Mormons,
Everything is so delightsome,
It's really frightsome,
They'll drag you back in time!

15 October 2013

Why Do Birds Fly Upside Down Over Utah?

Because the place isn't worth a shit.

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