14 June 2017

DC Shooting

Straight off I want to say it wasn't me.  First, I haven't been out of the Theocratic Republic of Utardistan for...oh gods, SO long.  Second, walk up spray & pray is not my style.  My methods are rather more surgical.

Turns out this guy was a Sanders supporter, like me.  At least ostensibly.  He was so may standard deviations from the norm that it makes me wonder if he wasn't actually a Trump sleeper agent.  Anyway, Bernie is apologizing profusely and saying he's praying for the victims; he has to, he's the face of the campaign.  I have no such constraints.  I'm not praying for these assholes.  First, I don't believe in prayer.  Second, these are the people who have been working morning, noon, and night to make it easier for nutjobs to pack heat.  If this had been yet another school or church shooting, these people (along with that pile of pig poop Steve King and the Freedumb Caucus fuckwits) would have been lining up to spout their usual, "If the victims had been armed, they would have stopped him.  We need MORE guns!"  (BTW, how were all these proud Rethuglicans caught unarmed?)  So I have NO sympathy for "the honored dead."