14 August 2006

It Begins

Alright, here it is, the rant zone I've been craving. Before I get to the intros, though, I need to deal with what finally pushed me over the edge and made me create this blog: an article in this morning's Des News about an old professor of mine cum political spinmeister, Dan Jones. Go here to read the article. It seems Dan was pontificating yesterday about why Democrats don't get traction in Utah. His conclusion: The Dems should blame themselves because they do not cater to Utah tastes. Let's look at his "evidence."

1. The Dems have no exit strategy for Iraq, and simply setting an exit date is not enough. I agree that simply setting a date is not enough, but how does that contrast with the GOP position (Remember, Dan is trying to give reasons people choose GOP over Dem.)? The GOP definitely don't have an exit date, and staying the course until my grandkids get drafted can't pass for a strategy. Besides, the GOP didn't have an entry strategy either, just a date, and everybody thought that was fine. Not much of a contrast there, Dan. As for civil war getting under way in Iraq, and Iran and Syria meddling, which party's policy (or rather lack of same) created that state of affairs, Dan?

2. The Dems have no immigration policy. Neither does the GOP. Building a wall is not a policy. Ask the Soviets. No meaningful contrast there, Dan.

3. Dems weren't willing to compromise to make the minimum wage increase happen. Of course the only possible compromise would have been to allow the GOP tax cuts for the rich pass. How many Utahns who care about minimum wage don't already vote Dem? Sorry Dan, try again.

4. Dems are pro-choice and pro-same-sex marriage, and Utahns don't like that. Yep, about 75% of Utahns don't. I've always considered it odd that a group that believes the Constitution was divinely inspired has no qualms about editing out the civil rights parts. But I have to credit Dan on this one; it's definitely a point of contention between the Dems and GOP.

5. Mormons think Dem positions are contrary to church positions. Gee, Dan, ya think? Just because every significant leader in the LDS Church is a retired significant leader of the GOP? And GOP meetings are on church property, while the Dems have to meet wherever they won't get raided? I think you may have gotten to the crux of it, Dan, though you don't want to say it. The Dems believe in the separation of church and state; the GOP and LDS Church don't. According to Dan, the Dems are to blame for this.

6. Utahns can't identify with national Democratic candidates. At least not since George Wallace died and Strom Thurmond switched parties. Just how far should a party go to curry Utah voters? What benefitteth it a party to gain Utah and lose its soul?

That's some interesting nonevidence and pretzel logic you have there, Dan. I knew you left academe to make more money, but apparently there was another reason: You have the reasoning skills of a gerbil. Folks, the next time you see a Dan Jones Poll, remember that it was drafted to deliver the results Dan's Masters of the Right have paid for.


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