15 August 2006

Why I Don't Like KKKountry Music

I am a musician, and I've played a lot of different music, but there are kinds I really can't stand. (C)Rap comes immediately to mind. Contrary to politically correct opinion, it really takes no talent to do that shit. How hard is it to rhyme when you ignore grammar and syntax and make up words as needed?

Another aversion is country-western, aka shit-kicking goat roper music. It sounds like it's produced by people whose family trees don't fork. Case in point. I was scanning across the FM dial the other day, and I stumble across some "song" by some twanger. He was outraged by those of us who have the effrontery to oppose the illegal war in Iraq that El Presidente Chimpy McSmirkster and his gang of neoconjob thugs got us into. Anyway, Tex Inbred's main "argument" was, "Don't you remember what it felt like that day," i.e. 9/11.

Reality to Tex: Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks. All the tub thumping by Pawn Scammity, Shill O'Really, Michael Savage Wiener, Lush Lameball, etc. to the contrary, Iraq has never been linked to the attacks. I'd tell you to think it through for yourself, Tex, except I know your reinforced recessives have rendered that impossible. So I'll be nice and ask you to do something that should be within your severely reduced capacity: If you don't know what you're talking about, shut up.


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