17 August 2006

State of the Union

Blogging Under the Influence. GUILTY!

I've watched V for Vendetta twice this evening. Why? Well, first I met over the weekend with a couple of friends. It was the first time I had seen him since he had been released from over four months of custody. His crime? DWB (Driving While Brown) in counties of Idaho where the cops are all skinheads (Canadian border down to Boise.). He's from Iran, so he must be a terrorist (The irony is that he's a Christian and fled Iran to avoid persecution. Great fucking lot of good it did him.). Then today a friend of mine was tossed into a psych ward because she was having religious visions. First, the only basis for an involuntary commit is if the subject is a threat to herself of others. and my friend is harmless. Second, if she'd walked in and said she'd seen the Three Nephites (It's a Mormon thing.), the doctor would have given her another prescription of whatever she was on and sent her home to her patriarchal husband. In other words, this is discriminatory bullshit. The time will soon come when I post the names of the lying sack of shit quack and his lackeys who locked her up.

Feeling comfortable? Then you're fucking stupid. If you are 1/100 of a standard deviation from the norm, you are already suspect. Sooner or later they will get you. Chimpy McSmirkster and his neoconjob buddies have already made this country a hopeless case. This country was born of The Enlightenment, but we now stand against everything The Enlightenment was: reason, individualism, freedom. We are a nation of ignorant, fearful, hateful peasants. The time will soon come when this blog will be impossible from within the US, but by then my family and I will be elsewhere. We shall shoot our way out if necessary, but we shall be out.


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