17 August 2006

Borin' Orrin Shovels the Party Line

Our rapidly fossilizing senior senator has joined the other GOP tub-thumpers in the latest smear-and-fear tactic "Terrorists Want you to Vote Democratic." What a load of horse hockey. Terrorists LOVE the current White House. Chimpy and the Neoconjobbers left the Taliban active in Afghanistan, couldn't catch bin Laden (Let's do a comparison here. Length of time it took a Dem White House to crush Hitler and Tojo: 3 years, 8 months. Length of time the GOP White House has been looking for bin Laden: 4 years, 11 months. Hmmm.), destroyed any chance of making Hamas and Hizbullah legitimate, political organizations and pushed them exclusively into the terrorist camp for another couple of generations, turned Iraq into a breeding ground for terrorists, etc., etc., etc. Now, Orrin, run it past me again just how it is that the Dems are the ones promoting terrorism.


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