20 August 2006

Speaking of Whining RWNJs...

... how about the nutter in Idaho who didn't want to give his social security number to the department of licensing because he considers it "the mark of the beast?" A federal law requires the collection of the SSN. The nutter argued that this violated his state right to religious freedom. The Idaho court ruled that the Supremacy Clause says that federal law trumps state law (Duh!), so the nutter had to provide his SSN. The nutter's attorney was purportedly shocked over this, which left me scratching my head until I learned that the attorney was Herb Titus. Titus is walking proof that a Harvard law degree does not necessarily mean you know diddly jack shit about law. He was founding dean of Rat Robberson's Regent University Law School. In 1996 he was the VP candidate of the US Taxpayer Party (now the Constitution Party), which chiefly advocates for a biblical foundation for government and believes most of the federal government is unconstitutional. He and Roy Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court nutjob who did the nocturnal installations of the Ten Commandments rock, codrafted the Constitution Restoration Act, which would have provided for the impeachment of any federal judge who tried to maintain the separation of church and state.

I suppose these raving hypocrites will now accuse the Idaho judges of being liberal, activist judges since they did not accept Titus's divine revelation and reverse the US Constitution.


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