30 August 2006

Chimpy McSmirkster's Road Show...

...blew into town yesterday leaving traffic blocked by the mountains of bullshit. One of the main talking points has been Hurricane Katrina (Man are they desperate to avoid dealing with Iraq.). One of their main media whores, Rich Lowry of the National Review, has an op-ed piece titled "Uncontrollable events saddle Bush's presidency" in the paper this morning, and it's all about Katrina and how Bush couldn't help it. First, Rich, Katrina was an event, not "events." Second, how do you figure that ignoring global warming so that the hurricane season keeps getting worse, siphoning Corps of Engineer levee funds off to pay for Iraq, and delaying Federal response until after the storm had already hit to be beyond Chimpy's control? Unless you're arguing that Chimpy's bowels are beyond his control, which I can believe, but all you've done there is shift the blame to the Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rove Cartel.


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