24 August 2006

But Massuh Buttars Only Whups us a Little

Yet another salvo of silliness from Chris Butthead, this time with support from the local Republican Bund. Butthead shot his mouth off on the radio in Logan this week, saying that Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education, which ordered the ending of forced segregation in public schools, was wrongly decided and an example of improper, liberal, judicial activism. He further believes that desegregation has had a negative effect on minority students (How ending a separate and deliberately inferior education system hurts minorities is a question Butthead is a bit vague on.).

Butthead has backstroked a bit this week, claiming he was taken out of context (Which is a bald-assed lie. The whole interview was taped, and there was no "out of context" about it.), but he hasn't disclaimed the statements. The local Reponazis, though, have jumped right in and backed their boy. SL County Repoop Chair James "Don't Call me Uncle Tom" Evans said that Butthead is right because busing has divided neighborhoods. Hey Jimmy, Brown didn't order busing. Busing came later when Reponazis and their Dixiecrat allies in state legislatures and school boards nullified Brown by refusing to fund schools in minority neighborhoods. Don't blame the courts because your cronies were trying to maintain the plantation system.

And don't go holding yourself out as a shining example of not needing all that affirmative action crap either, Jimmy. You know that you and a select group of others such as Clarence "I'm not an Uncle Tom, I'm Scalia's Bitch" Thomas are where you are because the Grand Old Lily-White Party desperately needed some token people of color to trot out at conventions. You and I both know that until 1978, when the LDS Church finally decided, "Hey, maybe the darkies are human beings after all; and take down the Coon Chicken sign, will you," you were on a fast track to being a shoeshine boy, not a state senator.

If you were smart, Jim, you'd find a replacement for Butthead. But you're not smart. After all, who's the bigger fool: the fool state senator, or the fool party chair who has his back?


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