05 September 2006

Free speech is SO inconvenient

Chimpy and his entourage have left town, and now it's time to listen to the Reponazis decry the exercise of free speech the public had the temerity to display in protesting Chimpy's ever-growing list of impeachable offenses. The favorite target is Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, who according to the bleating sheeple failed to show the Unpresident proper respect. Ironic, since Chimpy and the neo-conjobbers have shown no respect to the people nor this country's laws and traditions. Anyway...

There was a lot of anti-Rocky shit-shoveling in Sunday's paper. Mike Barton of Kaysville accused Rocky of being a Bolshevik because he raised his fist in the air (Earth to Mike: Lots of movements have used that sign, including the civil rights movement. Oh, that's right, you never heard about the civil rights movement because you didn't have to start treating those uppity darkies like humans here in Utah until 1977, and you personally haven't accepted it yet.). Jim Ritchie of Heber City accused him of bad leadership (Hey Jim, first, you're from Heber City, not Salt Lake City. He's not your mayor, so shut the fuck up and go back to Heber with your millionaire buddies who will NEVER have to send a kid to Iraq. Second, you close your letter, "I have never seen such a display of poor taste and bad leadership." May I suggest you take an honest look at the heroes inhabiting the White House?).

The best, though, is from Todd Weiler, chair of the Davis County Republican Party, who accused Rocky of failing to represent his constituents. Todd, YOU'RE not a constituent. You're from Davis County, which isn't even in the same COUNTY (although you could always go hang with Mike Barton, who IS in your county). That means that not even any of your CONSTITUENTS are Rocky's constituents, so you aren't even talking for THEM. You're just another right-wing whore blowing it out your ass.


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