07 November 2006

Fearless Forecast

So, Election Day is here. What do I think the results will be? Well, here in Utah, that's easy: continued one party rule by Norsefire, courtesy all the little, Mormy sheeple who let their senile leaders do their thinking for them. I just can't wait for Mitt Romney to be elected president in '08.

Nationally? Norsefire maintains its current margin in the Senate, made even greater by Lieberman's re-election. The Blight House can count on at least one Democratic senator with his nose so far up Chimpy's backside all your can see are the soles of his feet. Norsefire will lose its majority in the House, but by so small a margin it won't matter. Democratic infighting will once again throw away any majority. And Norsefire will maintain majorities at the state level, thus setting the stage for more gerrymandering and more Norsefire safe seats.

Do I believe voting fraud will be the cause of these pathetic results? No. Norsefire is committing election fraud left and right, but that won't be the crucial reason for the result. The problem is the Dems don't know what they're doing. You can always count on them to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and this is no exception.


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