10 April 2007

Lohra Whora Miller

Our new district attorney is proving to be everything I expected her to be and less. Back during the campaign, I met both Sam Gill and Lohra Miller. Both were personable and had been practicing law for a respectable length of time. I chose Gill for two reasons. First, he had far more felony experience. Miller had done effectively nothing but city misdemeanors. Second, Gill had supervisory experience; Miller had none. Those added up to a maturity level that only time and experience can provide.

During the campaign, events supported my choice. One of the sleaziest RWNJ property developers in the valley, Dell Loy Hansen (FYI, anyone with that Mormon of a name is presumptively a RWNJ sleazeball.), was getting around the contribution limit by giving "bonuses" to employees with instructions that the bonuses be contributed to Miller. One of the employees blew the whistle. Miller, rather than saying, "Oops, this isn't right, I'm giving the money back," said, "Well, Gill isn't in compliance with the election laws either, because he hasn't listed the addresses of all his contributors." This is not the kind of thing you want to hear from the top law enforcement official in the county. First, Gill hadn't done anything wrong. Contribution information is routinely incomplete when the contributions have to be reported. That's why there's a procedure for amending reports. Second, Miller and Hansen had done something wrong, namely circumvented the donation limits. If she couldn't see the difference, she shouldn't be handling major, criminal cases.

I should note that the joint AG/DA task force that investigated this mess declined to file charges, citing that because Miller was not an office-holder and Hansen was not a government contractor, there had been no crime. I can't believe there isn't some civil penalty that should be imposed, at least against Miller, such as at least disgorging the improper contributions. On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if there weren't. This is Utah.

Anyway, fast forward to the present, and Miller shows how owned she is. Back in February a Taylorsville cop greased a citizen and then filed a false report blaming the deceased. Miller isn't pressing charges. Why? The Blue Line closed ranks and whined at her (There is nothing whinier than a cop.), so she declined to charge. In other words, she charges the way the cops want her to charge. That's a sell-out, and prosecutors who charge like that should be walking the streets like the whores they are, not sitting behind desks making charging decisions. That includes you, Lohra


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