19 March 2007

Op-Ed Idiots

Well, I just finished this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, and we have a couple of morons in the letters to the editor.

First this, though. To all you Norsefires: Rocky Anderson is not an embarrassment. He's speaking out against your people, who are an embarrassment. Chances are he's not even your mayor, so STFU.

On to the letters. David Anderson, Col., U.S. Army (Ret.), accuses Congressional Democrats of cutting resources to the armed forces. The troops should thank their lucky stars this guy is retired, because that "Ret." must actually stand for "Retarded." To quote Agent Smith, "Mr. Anderson, still using every muscle except the one that counts." Who went to war with "the army we had" and then did nothing to make up the equipment shortfalls beyond throwing money at Halliburton? Who underfunded the entire medical system? Who is sending the walking and not-so-walking wounded back to Iraq? Congressional Democrats aren't trying to cut resources for the armed forces; they're trying to scale missions back to match the resources available. With all due respect, Colonel, I think those birds on your shoulders represent nothing other than the sort of brain you have.

Moron No. 2: Newell K. Thornton, who chimes in on the U.S. Attorney firings. He takes issue with a commentator on NBC who said that these midterm firings have no precedent in recent administrations. "Au contraire," sayeth Newell. "Clinton fired all the U.S. Attorneys when he took office in 1993." First, it must be handy to be a Rethuglican and know you will be able to blame Clinton for everything for all time. It's certainly easier than thinking. And honesty. Second, get your head out of your Radio Norsefire, Newell. What part of "midterm" don't you understand? Clinton replaced the attorneys when he took office, which every president does. Chimpy just sacked eight attorneys, which about doubles the number of midterm firings made at least since WWII and perhaps since 1900, and he lied about the reason to boot. Any other brilliant comments, Newell?


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