28 November 2007


Well, , the voters overwhelmingly shot down taking tax money from public schools and giving it to rich people who send their kids to private schools, and the Norsefire response has been predictable. People were duped by the teachers' union. The Cato Institute, proving once again that it isn't in favor of liberty and freedom of choice but rather is just a whore for rich fascists, says so. Robert Enlow of the Friedman Foundation, proving likewise, says so. And Fux Spews of course says so. Voters were misled by all that union money.

Let's ignore that rural Utah sensibly voted its pocketbook, seeing vouchers for what they were: taking money from their schools and giving it to rich city folk. Let's ignore the millions that rich Nazis spent supporting vouchers, including Patrick Byrne's $4+ million and Larry Miller's full-page bullshit fest in the Trib. Let's ignore the lies from the voucher side, such as the claim that Mormons would be disobeying scripture if they voted against vouchers, or that Bill Clinton is pro-voucher just because he once was interested in the Milwaukee plan (which BTW is needs-based, in contrast to the Utah plan, which would have paid regardless of the wealth of the recipient), or the lie by omission that Richard and Linda Eyre could stack Oreos all day, but what they were really doing was stealing our Oreos and putting them in their pockets. Yeah, let's ignore that. It must have been the union money.

Even Merrill "De Doop De Doop" Cook, who led the 1988 voucher campaign, saw that the voucher people had way overplayed their hand and were going down hard. But no, it's just that people can't make these decisions for themselves.

Speaking of Larry Miller and the 1988 voucher campaign, his parents were among the leaders of the opposition to that campaign. I wonder what they would think of their over-funded and under-souled son if they were around to see this.


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