28 November 2007

Speaking of whores...

...Paul Mero-vingian, president of that fascist Mormon crapfest the Sutherland Institute, opines that the voucher vote does not resolve who controls education. He has no idea how right he is. It ought to be parents and school boards. Our glorious legislature begs to differ.

Taking advantage of the dark places under the big rock that is the Rethuglican majority in the legislature, there is already a proposal to give tax credits for contributions to private school scholarships (mere tax deductions not being enough); Chris Bramble and Howard Stephenson are working to make the State School Board partisan and place it under the control of the Huns who run the state Rethuglican Party, a group that booed Orrin Hatch and Mike Leavitt as being too liberal; and Chris Butt-head wants the legislature to have oversight on the judiciary, largely as a reaction to the Supreme Court having the temerity to rule that the referendum laws mean what they say and that the people get a meaningful vote on the legislatures actions.

Why should anyone be surprised that a bunch of Mormon bishops and stake presidents, who believe they have a divine imprimatur to tell everyone how to run their lives, want to reverse a landslide vote. We were obviously misled, and the legislature is doing this for our own good.


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