25 March 2008

Jeez, Lohra...

...you make this so easy.

Aside from being 24-hour party people at home (and never getting busted for it; hmmm, I wonder just how beholden Whora is to the cops), Our Glorious DA ran her business for years without a business license. She has stated to the media that, essentially, she considers it no big deal. Now, I have admit that I may be vaguely aware (COUGH) of people I'm acquainted with (COUGH COUGH) having operated businesses without licenses. But here's the deal, Lohra: You're the DA, and it's never good when the DA says that ignoring the law "tain't no thang." This is just more evidence supporting what I wrote 11 April: The girl wasn't, isn't, and probably never will be ready for prime time.


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