13 April 2008

Mallard Fillpants, Tax Expert

After being quiet for awhile, that assclown anidae Mallard Fillpants is making noise just in time for taxes. Using that oh-so-reliable waste dump The Tax Foundation as his source, he trots out the factoid that the average American works until April 30th to pay off the tax burden (a right-wing factoid that has been shown time and again to be a marvel of massaged bookkeeping). Then he really goes off the deep end and claims that the Kennedy, Ray-guns, and Chimpy tax cuts increased tax revenues (i.e. that supply side dreckonomics works), even though no one has yet to show any connection between those cuts and any supposed increases in tax revenues (Kennedy's increased revenues were the result of the business cycle, with the country recovering from the recession that hit at the end of the Eisenhower years. Ray-guns "increased" revenue through a series of accounting tricks and smoke-and-mirrors. If revenue increased under Chimpy, it was the result of the false economic growth of the last few years, fueled by real estate and mortgage speculation, and it's all gone now. Fillpants is also ignoring that Ray-guns and Chimpy were cutting taxes for the wealthy while increasing the deficit, thereby increasing the long-term tax load for the rest of us.).

Then he goes for the patently absurd, still relying on The Tax Foundation, and claims that the average American spent more on state and federal taxes last year than on food, clothing, and housing combined. Wait a minute. Pull out your 1040 and your state tax form. Add up the total taxes you paid, even before any refund. Is that as much as you paid on mortgage/rent last year? I didn't think so. Let alone adding food and clothing in. It never ceases to amaze me the brass-plated bullshit Norsefire keeps shoveling at us. And the average moron on the street eats it up with a big spoon.

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At 13/4/08 12:04, Blogger milton said...

First off, Tax Freedom Day is April 23rd this year. Second, the Tax Freedom Day calculation has little bookkeeping. The formula is taxes divided by income and they tell you the exact calculation.

Third, the Tax Foundation itself has argued that the supply-side claim of increased revenue from tax cuts is wrong. Fourt, the Tax Foundation's report actually tells you what Tax Freedom Day would be if the deficit was included as a tax for this year -- May 3rd. Finally, the Tax Freedom Day report includes all taxes, not just income taxes which you want people to calculate and compare to the food. Ever heard of something called sales taxes or property taxes? You're just as dumb as Mallard Fillpants.

But I guess you'd expect that from a right-wing think tank that uses massaged bookkeeping, huh?

At 16/4/08 19:59, Blogger Utah Gadfly said...

Go ahead and fold sales and property taxes in, still won't come close. Still bullshit. And you're eating it with a shovel. How dumb is that?


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