23 May 2008

Texas Joins Utah in Declaring Right to Child Molestation

A Texas appeals court has decided there was no evidence to support the seizing of the FLDS children (Are you telling me, oh Great Black Robed Ones, there was NO EVIDENCE of a pattern of underage pregnancies by adult males? I'm incredulous, but then you are Texas judges, which means you're probably illiterate.). Great. Now these clowns will act with even greater impudence, believing that God will keep justice from stopping their holy perversions. I'm beginning to think that their sick God (the one also worshiped by what seems to be a majority of Christians, although they try to hide it), really does run this country, which would explain a lot.

This much I know: Any society that so utterly fails to protect its most at risk members needs to go down for the protection of us all. Fortunately, the US is in the process of destroying itself. The Rethuglicans have done such a job that there may be nothing to do but sit back, crack open a cold one, and watch the great train wreck.

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