12 November 2016

What Then Must We Do?

Call me "T", as my message predates V.  As for "U", well you're U, aren't you?  So, you're wondering what to do now that Der Drumpfenfuehrer and his white trash, Christ-licker stormtroopers are running wild for the greater glory of the 0.01%.  Gather round, kiddies, and let Ol' T impart some wisdom.  What do I know?  Trust me, this isn't my first rodeo.

First, purge your brains of two bits of bullshit that have been standard operating procedure for our pathetic Left for far too long.  1) We aren't going to win, or even survive, by joining hands around the campfire and singing "Kumbayah."  Hell, that didn't even stop the DLC/DNC and the Clintstones, and they're all limp dicks.  It sure isn't going to stop any genuine fascists such as we're dealing with now.  There will be blood, and you'd better prepare for it.  2) Dump all the left wing street theater.  I mean flush it down a commercial toilet and use the TARDIS to send it into a different timeline.  Petitions accomplish NOTHING beyond putting the signers on a right wing hit list.  Demonstrations accomplish NOTHING beyond getting you into a face recognition database.  Occupations accomplish NOTHING but providing new, soft targets for our thoroughly militarized, thug police.  These tactics by themselves have never accomplished a fucking thing.  Leave them to the morons who can't be taught.

Second, organize right.  This is guerrilla warfare; you need to play small ball here.  Form a local cell, a group of like-minded friends who can assemble quickly and below the radar.  Give it a bad ass name.  The days of fluffy-bunny shite like "Peace and Love Fellowship" are over.  You need something like "Eastern Washington Antifascist Brigade".  Or "Franklin County Fist-Fuck the Fascists Faction".

Third, use your organization.  Just because you're playing small doesn't mean you have to be isolated or that you can't support larger movements.  BUT: 1) Don't hook up with another group without rock solid references (i.e. "Don't bring me nobody nobody knows.").  It's tough enough to control your friends (Think Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter.); strangers are impossible, and they're probably either Ueberklass-funded astroturf shills or thug cop plants trying to infiltrate you.  2) Have your ORGANIZATION support a movement, not individuals.  Any legit outfit (such as Planned Parenthood) loves being endorsed by individuals, but it loves endorsements by organizations even more (OK, have a softer, alternative name to your bad ass name for such endorsements.).  This also gives the members cover.  That's what organizations are really for.

Fourth, work as an organization.  Do projects together.  Arm yourselves together (I told you there would be blood.  And get armed as quickly as possible.  The Second Amendment only applies to Trump supporters.  The last gun control in this country that stuck was 50 years ago when Gov. Ronnie Ray-gunz [Yes, you read that right.] and the NRA [Yes, you read that right too.] joined forces to block the Black Panthers in Oakland from arming themselves.).  Train with those weapons together.  Take self-defense courses together.  Go on picnics together (With weapons.  Open carry, they'll think you're "good guy" Trump supporters and leave you alone.).  Get used to operating as a team.  Individuals get squashed.

Fifth, learn history.  Learn about guerrilla operations, successful and unsuccessful, and dissect them.  Do the same with political movements.  Don't try and reinvent the wheel.  People have already done this.  Use your local library while it's still there.

Sixth, get some mad skillz.  Unlike sociopaths like Yours Truly, you probably haven't spent your lives learning sniper skills, knife-fighting, improvised weaponry, bare-handed killing, explosives, gunsmithing, lockpicking, and farming.  Time to learn, kiddies.  There's a world of information on Teh Interwebz, you just have to remember that most of it is a barrel of bollocks.  For example, as popular and as much fun as The Anarchist's Cookbook is, the explosives section will get you killed.

Seventh, and finally, apply.  Turn the key and put the rubber on the road.  Don't be the Judean People's Front in Life of Brian, constantly resolving and never doing.  There are people out there who need protection.  There are people out there who've already been attacked and need support and information on getting a lawyer who can go after those fuckers ( With any luck it's some fat, redneck sheriff they can go in dry on until his entire descending colon prolapses.).  We need to raise the barricades, and unless we want this to be Les Mis redux, we need to be ready.  The last line of defense is U.

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At 13/11/16 03:40, Blogger Brecia Bloom said...

Well. Shit.

At 14/6/17 19:54, Blogger Utah Gadfly said...

Welcome to Midnight in the Hell of Holes, Ms. Bloom.


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