10 November 2014

Third Way, Turd Way

I have come to the conclusion that Janan Ganesh, column-inch-ist for the Financial Times, is a whore and a walking sewer.  In his latest raging pantsload (No, I'm not going to provide a link.), he once again takes aim at Labour leader Ed Miliband (What a shock.).  There are many things to legitimately chew on Miliband about.  He's the embodiment of what's wrong with Labour.  That he's the party chief shows how dire Labour's straits are.  The man is not and never will be ready for prime time.  But Jawbone Garnish goes after Miliband because he's (Wait for it.) leftwing.  Quelle horreur!  Garnish thinks all of us on the left should be praying for the second coming of Tony "TB for Tuberculosis" Blair and his Third Way.  That glorious Third Way is nothing but Toryism without established religion and skinheads (Which given your ethnicity, Jawbone, you ought to pay more attention to.  Yet you remain a Tory.  The Tory's did explain that you have this cushy post so they can use you for a token in the same way "Uncle Thomas" Sowell is used here in the US by the Rethuglicans, didn't they?  No?  Tool.).  The UK doesn't need a return of TB.  It doesn't need Cameron.  And it sure as Hell doesn't need Clegg.  If these are your only alternatives to Miliband's leftwingedness (And I note, Garnish, that you only snipe, never solve.  Typical right winger.), then you need to leave your little sinecure and become one of those entrepreneur's whose altar you worship at and whom you believe will save everything, say by running a curry cart in the East End, although I'm sure that would tax your capitalism skills far beyond their limit and send you running back to Tory arms begging for any PR position they'll give you.

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