04 November 2014

This is the Day

This is the day historians will look back on and say, "The United States ended here."  This is the day the Rethuglicans took control of both houses of Congress, and so, with the Fascist Five in control of the SCOTUS and Barack Handjob Obama in the White House, the 1% gained formal control of the government.  This is the day when trying to survive as an ordinary person in this country became of necessity a criminal activity and the only way for democracy to return required blood in the streets.  This is the day when the rest of the world decided we were too stupid and too dangerous to put up with and started taking steps to neutralize with extreme prejudice, such as removing the lynch pin of the survival of our economy, the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency, and using every tool available to infiltrate and destroy our nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons stockpiles so we could no longer retaliate.  This is the day our stupidity grew too great for our resources to overcome.  This is the day the United States starts spinning in.

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