26 October 2012

Is This the Beginning of RICO?

Of course not, but I wish it were.  Texas Attorney General and professional assclown Greg Abbott is threatening to arrest any international observers who show up at polling places in Texas.  And of course Gubner Prick Error is jumping on the bandwagon.  Couple this with the moron in a black robe Steve Thomas, and it looks like you have a combination of Texas officials who are either claiming Texas is an independent country or want to make it such again.  It's long past time to shut down the oversized outhouse that is Texas, and the Feds just need to sweep in and round up all these ringleaders.  Take your pick, treason or RICO.  As for the Utah politicos who act like this (such as 75% of the legislature, all the elected officials in Utah County, and the teabagging jack-offs in Kanab), it's too late for arrests; they just need put out of everyone's misery.

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