22 May 2012

Mia Love: Missing the Forest for the Trees

Given Republican policies on minorities, why would an Afro-American be a Republican?  Given Republican policies on women, why would a woman be Republican?  Answer: When you don't care if you're the latest token the Rethuglicans seat right next to the door so everyone can see how diverse they are, in the proud tradition of "Uncle" Thomas Sowell, Clarence "Uncle" Thomas, James "Don't Call me Uncle Tom" Evans, and Allen "I'm a Bigger Whackadoo than Kanye" West.  Enter Mia Love, who is willing to sell out anything to get to Congress.  But she's Mormon, so she's used to selling out.  She's only interested in getting her va-jay-jay into the Celestial Kingdom, and this world be damned.

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