08 April 2012

National Socialist Review is National Socialist

Last week wannabe BNP deputy chair and all-around pathetic, conservative turd John Derbyshire posted his latest racist screed about how black people are a threat to civilization in general and white and delightsome folks in particular.  The entire article was his usual PIDOOHA (Pulling It Directly Out Of His Ass) and no surprise.  What is a surprise is that apparently the National Socialist Review has a limit to how far right it will goose-step, because it has sacked Derbyshit as a columnist.  Wow.  I would have thought there was no right-wing asshole Richie-Rich Ho-Boy Lowry would not felch.  And given that William B. Fuckley (Can anything good come out of Yale?) founded that rag as a venue for segregationists, the irony here is flowing as thickly as santorum at a Roman Catholic priest-choirboy overnighter.  And it shows one other surprising thing, too: The Teabaggers are right about our immigration laws being too lax.  We're letting way too many jive-assed honkies into this country.

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