27 February 2011

Rahoo, Rednecks of Canada

"Justice" Robert Dewar, a Canadian judge-shaped object, has sentenced a rapist to two years probation instead of three years in the big house because in Winnipeg "no" doesn't mean "no" if you aren't wearing a bra.  I thought such redneck assweasels were confined to this side of the border, but apparently the High Plains is a continuous string of Turdvilles from the Arctic to the Rio Grande.  It should come as no surprise that "Justice" Douchenozzle is a Con-servative appointment by Canada's Chimpy McSmirkster Lite, Stephen Harper.  And it would come as no surprise, either, to find that Harper's teeny prick is permanently parked below Ye Goode Justice's prissy, little moustache.

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