07 January 2010

Newpy Hap Year

Well, survived another round of bullshit holidays. Watched the usual gang of American idiots burn what was left of their plastic for shit from Chinese sweatshops. Just wait until the banksters jack your rates to 30%, morons. Then you'll be joining the burgeoning bankruptcy ranks. Such a recovery we have for you. Everything is fine, just ask the National Association of Real-Turds, GoldSacks, or JP Morgoth Chase.

Because we're transcendently broke, we did Christmas Old School, i.e. the gifts were mostly the pleasure of each others company, with a few homespun items thrown in. In other words, we were bad for America because we FAILED to CONSUME. Fuck you, crapitalism, and the horse you rode in on. I was warming the crew up for going back to the farm and going Amish. And when I have the orchard, the garden, the vineyard, the hives, the woodlot, the spring house, the hen house, the goats, the smoke house, etc., etc., etc. going and I'm off grid, you can take this buying 'til you bleed crap and shove it up your ass. And knowing you, you'll love every inch of it.

No, you rich dungfuckers have ground the rest of us down so far that you're about to reap the whirlwind. You think you'll be able to keep redneck rage aimed at minorities? Think again. Some day soon, one of your tools is going to be inciting the masses, and I'm going to walk up and butt-stroke the little shitstain with my 12 gauge, and then I'm going to grab the podium and say, "Wait a minute! What do you need? Money! Do the Mexicans have money? No! Do the blacks have money? No! Do any of the people this pathetic turd was fulminating against have money? No! Who has money? This pathetic turd has money. And his masters over in Bufforpington Estates have money. Let's go get it!"

And then we're going to burn your banks down. And then we're going to burn your houses down. And then we'll have our way with your daughters and wives, who will probably like it given that all the latter have had for decades is limp-dicked preppies like you, and all the former have to look forward to is your even limper-dicked preppy spawn. Then we'll tie you behind a pick-up, light you on fire, and drag you while we stand in the back of said pick-up and piss on you in a not terribly serious effort to put you out.

In other words, we're going to ram our fists so far up your asses, our knuckles will tickle your belly buttons.

 In other other words, we are going to take everything you are and ever will be.



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