02 September 2010

Fascist Motherfuckers Must Be Killed

Let's face it, all you lame-cocked liberals: It's either us or them.  The Ueberklass is sending the Teabaggers to kill us.  We can either sit here and be slaughtered, or we can launch a pre-emptive strike and start wasting these walking sacks of shit.

Case in point.  The US Department of Justice is suing Nazi douchebag Joe Arpaio because he isn't cooperating with a civil rights investigation.  Wrong.  WRONG, DOJ LIMP DICKS!  The marshals need to storm the sheriff's office, kick Arpaio in his nutless crotch, and anally rape him with tasers while making him fellate them.  And broadcast it all on Aridcornhola TV.  And when his teabagger friends gather outside to protest, call in a napalm strike on that mob.  After getting pictures of all of them so you can identify them and nape their houses.  And their relatives' houses.  And their fundie buttplug churches while you're at it.

There will be a slaughter, people, and I have no compunctions about which way I want it to go. 

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