02 November 2014

Meet the Mormons

The new piece of Mormon propaganda, Meet the Mormons, is hitting the theaters.  It's such a special piece of fluff that The Brethren are apparently twisting members arms to attend and boost the ticket sales.  So typical.  Who cares if the only people who see this flak-fest are already members.  Look at the numbers!

The closest I'm going to get to this thing is the billboards, and when I saw the title, just one thing popped into my head (The following is copyrighted, and the use of the "Flintstones Theme" constitutes fair use.):

Meet the Mormons!
They're the modern Stone Age faithful freaks.
From the State of Utah, they're a pack of white, suburban geeks.
Someday, they will show up at your door,
Asking if you'll let them tell you more.
When you're with the Mormons,
Everything is so delightsome,
It's really frightsome,
They'll drag you back in time!


At 13/11/16 03:22, Blogger Brecia Bloom said...

I literally had to google this. I didn't know it was out there in the world. ....your satirical song is pretty much ON POINT.


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