26 November 2014


Gotta get down to it.  Cops are cutting us down.

And not a damned thing is being done about it.  I listened to that shitbag prosecutor announce the grand jury result last night, and all I could hear was another pile of privilege and power sprinkling sugar on a turd and telling us it was a brownie.  He let that murdering thug cop, ostensibly the defendant in the case, give a narrative account of his version of the incident, including how the victim was supposedly pummeling him, and offered no contrary evidence, such as the hospital pictures showing that Officer Thug had no injuries and hadn't been hit with anything more substantial than a feather.  Yet another stacked deck protecting the 1%'s enforcers.

Now the protests have started.  The cops went straight for the tear gas, but the protesters were ready and ran the cops out of town.  Now one of two things will happen.  Either the forces of injustice will sit back and wait for the protesters to burn themselves out, or they'll send in the troops.  If the former, the protesters have to be ready to escalate this and move it to richer targets, i.e. banks, office towers, gated communities.  Take the war to them.  If the latter, they'd better be ready to gun up because the National Guard will come in with armor and heavy fire with authorization to turn Ferguson into a free-fire zone.  The protesters need to be ready to give them Mogadishu.  Either way, either we go to war or this blows away, and nothing is gained.

BTW, all you Norsefire rednecks with your heads in your Fox, if you think cops are just doing this to "uppity niggers", think again.  If you don't get on your knees and get get your nose up the 1%'s ass when ordered, they'll leave you in a ditch no matter your color.

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