28 August 2015

They Heppin'

There are a couple of nasty, "Why aren't you doing well like everyone else?" ad campaigns going on right now.  First is Parents Empowered, dreamed up by the Ortho-Morms who run the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Controls.  They claim they're just trying to stop teenage drinking, but in reality it's a slam campaign aimed straight at Gentiles and Jack Mormons.  An honest rendering of their ad campaign is, "If your child so much as LOOKS at booze, he'll turn into a Reaver!"  (If you don't know what that means, do yourself a favor and plug into Firefly.

The other is the Feed the Pig campaign, reminding people, especially young people, that they need to save for a rainy day and retirement.  It's condescending as all Hell, and it gives no consideration to the lack of both affordable housing and living-wage jobs.  It's another "You are insufficiently righteous, otherwise you wouldn't have this problem" load of shit.  The revolution needs to start soon, and it needs to start by fire-bombing the Republican Legislative Caucus.

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