12 November 2016

Do Not Criticize Der Drumpfenfuehrer

Well, it begins, people.  Some football players at University of Louisiana Lafayette posted a video online criticizing Der Drumpfenfuehrer because he's a threat to the rights of, oh, everyone, except of course white, straight, Christian males.  The usual gang of affronted rednecks complained.  The coach initially backed his players until the chickenshit asshats in the administration took him to the woodshed and forced him to walk it back, leaving his players to twist in the wind.  We're once again in a position where it's a thought crime to criticize the Prez, just like it was with Chimpy, and 180 degrees from what it's been for the last eight years.  We should criticize this fucker anyway, and we need to support anyone else who does and gets heat for it.

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