14 April 2012

Ann Rmoney is a Working Mom [SNORT]

Let's cut to the chase: Ann Rmoney isn't a working mom, she just plays one in Mitt the Shitt's campaign.  Anyone who says otherwise is either: 1) an oblivious 1%er, 2) a brain-washed Talibagger, or 3) a lying whore.


08 April 2012

And Tories Still Wouldn't Know Irony If They Sucked Its Cock

In other news, Tory MEP Daniel Hannan bleats in his Telecrap blog (which apparently is the day job of this plucky champion of the private sector and member of a party full of other plucky champions of the private sector, snort) that he is all bent out of shape because the "left-wingers" in the European Parliament want to stop public funds from going to fascist parties.  Tres tragique.  He trots out all the slippery slope arguments, and he's just full of shit.  First, let's note that MEP Hambone was president of the Oxford University Conservative Association while at Oriel, the place that gave us the Oxford [Bowel] Movement (The principal problem with the Anglican Communion is that there is a closet Anglo-Catholic sitting on the throne in Canterbury.), and he puts all that indoctrination on display here.  Second, the prime aim of the fascist parties is to destroy all other parties and implement a one-party regime, but Hambone seems incapable of distinguishing between that and parties that may be unpopular but are willing to let others remain in existence (a distinction everyone else has no problem absorbing).  Third, why should the general public fund this hate?  Germany tolerated it, and Hitler took power.  We tolerated it, and the Talibaggers and Koch-Sucker Bros.  took power.  Long past time to draw a line and chop off all fascist body parts that cross it.

Of course that isn't really what's going on with Hon. Hambone.  He's really ranting about government funding of politics.  Because then the government can pick which parties it wants to allow.  As opposed to the system Hambone is advocating, namely the 1% and multi-national corporations dictating which parties they want to allow.  And let me tell you something, folks: You will never get to vote on who belongs to the 1%.  Daniel Hannan is a hypocritical tool.

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National Socialist Review is National Socialist

Last week wannabe BNP deputy chair and all-around pathetic, conservative turd John Derbyshire posted his latest racist screed about how black people are a threat to civilization in general and white and delightsome folks in particular.  The entire article was his usual PIDOOHA (Pulling It Directly Out Of His Ass) and no surprise.  What is a surprise is that apparently the National Socialist Review has a limit to how far right it will goose-step, because it has sacked Derbyshit as a columnist.  Wow.  I would have thought there was no right-wing asshole Richie-Rich Ho-Boy Lowry would not felch.  And given that William B. Fuckley (Can anything good come out of Yale?) founded that rag as a venue for segregationists, the irony here is flowing as thickly as santorum at a Roman Catholic priest-choirboy overnighter.  And it shows one other surprising thing, too: The Teabaggers are right about our immigration laws being too lax.  We're letting way too many jive-assed honkies into this country.

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Just Nut Up

OK, first a rant.  To all women and girly-men (And I'm not talking about gays.  I'm talking about weenie-whiners whose cocks are as soggy as an overnight bowl of Cheerios.): You aren't hungry.  Your "sugar" isn't so imbalanced that you are faint.  If this were even remotely true, we would not be here, because our ancestors would have been so malnourished as to be permanently prostrate.  What you are are whiny, little bitches with First World problems who need to shut the fuck up and get back to business.

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