25 March 2008

Jeez, Lohra...

...you make this so easy.

Aside from being 24-hour party people at home (and never getting busted for it; hmmm, I wonder just how beholden Whora is to the cops), Our Glorious DA ran her business for years without a business license. She has stated to the media that, essentially, she considers it no big deal. Now, I have admit that I may be vaguely aware (COUGH) of people I'm acquainted with (COUGH COUGH) having operated businesses without licenses. But here's the deal, Lohra: You're the DA, and it's never good when the DA says that ignoring the law "tain't no thang." This is just more evidence supporting what I wrote 11 April: The girl wasn't, isn't, and probably never will be ready for prime time.

I just have to say this

But first let me say that my long-time best friend is Roman Catholic. Let me also say that there are a lot of batshit crazy people in other religions. Hell, being Mormon and batshit crazy are prerequisites for entering politics in Utah.

But not batshit crazy enough to have junior high kids act out The Lashin' o' the Christ. Last week the kids at St. John the Baptist Middle School (attached to Juan Diego High) performed the 14 Stations of the Cross for Easter, complete with flogging, fake blood, and crucifixion. It never ceases to amaze me how much blood lust the RCC insists on whipping up to celebrate The Prince of Peace.