20 November 2012

Utah Law

Yesterday I once again had my nose rubbed in the fact that at least 99% of the Utah Bar, and a higher percentage of Utah judges, are self righteous, hypocritical, crooked, back-stabbing SOBs.  Now you may be thinking, "They can't be worse than places like New Jersey and Chicago."  Yes they are.  Crooked bastards elsewhere don't go around proclaiming how righteous they are and actually believing it.  This is a bullshit factory.

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09 November 2012

Is the Trib Good for Anything?

OK, I'm reading an online article in the Tribune about the receiver taking over Trolly Square, and one of the comments asks why no one is asking wherer the money went?  I try to respond that no one asks where the money goes here (Note that the Tri-Balloon itself has never been anything but a booster for all the frauds in this territory.) and learn that I have been blocked.  So we now know for sure that, other than City Weekly, there is no honest news media in this Pretty, Great Shithole.  Screw the sock cuckers at the Trib.  I certainly don't need them.


05 November 2012

Remember, Remember....

Watching V for Vendetta, because it is, after all, the 5th of November.  Tonight the bonfires are alight in the UK.  Tomorrow, one way or another, the Talibaggers will light the fires here.  There is something terribly wrong with this country.

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