22 November 2009

Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

So Dave Checketts delivers the second national title in SLC history (The other being the Utah Stars a million years ago. Jesus H. Miller and the Utah Jazzbos have always been also-rans.), and then takes all the euphoria away. He's sold a 49% stake in the team to Dell Loy Hansen, the sleazeball land developer uber-Mormon who slid all the illegal cash to Whora Miller's campaign. Way to go Dave. I hear the Knicks are looking for talent, and they can't get any more fucked up than they already are. Don't let the doorknob....

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08 November 2009


If you had any lingering doubts about the complete contempt our Financial Overlords have for us, you need look no further than James Altucher's drivel on Huffington Post. He claims that the following five points have been shown to be myths by the current recession:

1. Saving is good
2. Inflation is bad
3. Debt is bad
4. Mark to market accounting is good
5. Unemployment is bad.

These are myths only if you are already a member of the Ueberklass, a financial vampire sucking the life out of society, in other words a James Altucher. For the rest of us, every one of those points is truer than ever. The Ueberklass, though, wants us to believe these truths are lies so they can go on owning us.

Altucher really ought to change his name to Lames AllFucker, because he is lame and he aims to fuck all of us. And he ought to rename his website, Stockpickr, to "Cocklickr", because that's what he does, lick the cocks of the Ueberklass Commandants who give him his marching orders. Even more pathetic, though, are the comments to this drivel. What is the point of arguing with him? The only way to get a member of the Ueberklass to pay attention to you is to show up at his yuppie hive with a shotgun, cut him in half with it, and take everything he has and is.