29 May 2009

Spengler Explained

Back in January 2008 I wrote an entry about a columnist in Asia Times that went by the nom de plume of Spengler.  The gist of the entry was, "Who is this idiot?"

Now we know.  He's David P. Goldman, an associate editor for First Things, a rag that never met a piece of Right Catholic apologia it couldn't find room to print.  It's no wonder he has the logic skills of a turnip.  Or Max Boot.

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25 May 2009

Ephraim Shows Why Utah Sucks Ass

Yes, believe it or not I'm posting again.  I dove for cover before the election because I expected the walking sewers who make up about 30% of This Great Nation(TM) (and who make up well over half of this Pretty, Great Shithole) to pull out their bottomless arsenals and start wasting when Nigger O failed to know his place and became President (Let's face it folks, it's all about race.).  They didn't, thus showing that they're really just a bunch of gutless loudmouths that we ought to box up and dump in the ocean, although I still expect one of them to blow Obama away before this is all over.
But now I've decided to resurface.  And it's because I'm sick of this place and I intend to get the Hell out if it's the last thing I do.  This article in the Trib says it all.  The local White people get to celebrate their ancestry in the cemetary for Memorial Day, but the Mexicans have to go down the road.  No doubt the Paiutes have to go down the road too.
It looks racist, and there's undoubtedly an element of that, but I assure that isn't really what's going on.  Because I assure you that, as lily-white Scandihoovian as I am, if I tried celebrating my ancestry in the cemetary, I'd meet the same reaction as the Mexicans and Paiutes.  Because while I may be a "Swensonjensenmonson," I am not an "Elder Swensonjensenmonson."
You see, the cemetary displays are about pioneers.  And as Ephraim City Councilcritter Terry Lund makes clear in his display of standard-issue Mormon shitheadedness, the fact that the Mexicans and Paiutes were here before the Mormons doesn't matter because nothing really happened before the Mormons got here.  And the non-Mormons who came after don't count even though they came along with most of the Mormons who now inhabit the place because it's the Mormon pioneers who count.
The Mormons are the only ones who count.  They're the only ones who've ever counted, and they'll always be the only ones who count.  Just look at the Fools on the Hill (the Legislature and our soon-to-be Governor).  I had thought the Olympics had changed things.  I was wrong.  So I'm giving up, I'm getting out, and I hope Global Warming bakes this place to a crackly crunch.

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