22 November 2011

I'm Glad This Bint Is No Longer "Managing" Money

Man, what unmitigated bullshit.  This teabagging bint (Look at her site.  She has her head in her Limbaugh, and her tongue up FundyGhod's fundament.) gets handed a brokerage position when she's 20 (probably by Daddy), spends 14 years in the game, and now calls it quits in an epic flounce because the system has been "destroyed".  Where the Hell have you been the last 14 years, you twat?  LTCM collapsed your first year on the job, then came the Dot Com Bomb and 9/11, and now we have The Great Recession, and you're just NOW deciding we're dealing with train wreck?  That's really getting out in front of the issue, there, sister.  Is that the sort of prescient advice you've been giving clients?  It's a good thing you're bugging out.

First, at the risk of belaboring the obvious, if you look up "fame whore" in the dictionary, there's her picture.  Second, she's a raging, white-whine Teabagger whose only sources of information are BTN, VB, and Radio Norsefire.  Third, I'd like to know just how much the Koch-sucker Bros. paid her for this standard, right-wing shit sling blaming Chimpy-spawned economic demons on the uppity niggah currently in the White House.

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05 November 2011

Remember, Remember....

Well, you sheeptwats, it's the Fifth of November.  Yes, I know Guy Fawkes was yet another theocratic shit pie, but the bottom line is this: We are faced with an increasingly totalitarian system that has little use for the likes of us, so what are you going to do about it?  The cops are kicking our heads in, and the black-robed bastards are colluding with them.  What are you going to do to survive?  Do the world a favor and blow up a seat of power.  Eat the rich.  Kill them until they get so scared they start killing themselves.